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  • Baobab Collection My First Baobab Diffuser

    by baoba
    SKU dif250mau

    The Aurum home fragrance diffuser already exists in all-gold glass, but we have created a monogram version inspired by the 70's for a modern, creative makeover that is very much in keeping with our brand identity.

    The Platinum home fragrance diffuser has been redesigned in a small size for a version with a platinum monogram, very much in keeping with our brand identity. 

    The decorative diffuser with a feminine aroma, Woman comes in a gold and powder pink design. The decoration on the glass fragrance diffuser is a representation of the feminine sign. The mixture of musky essential oils make the perfume of this rose diffuser totally feminine.

    16 cm | 250 ml


    Aurum - Jasmine - Musk

    Platinum - Grapefruit - Amber - Vetiver

    Women - Magnolia - Rose - Musk

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