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  • Artscroll A Taste of Nostalgia, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

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    A master Jewish storyteller serves up food for soul and body. Rabbi Abraham Twerski, M.D., famed clinician psychologist and therapist, descends from a long line of Chasidic masters. In “A Taste of Nostalgia”, Dr. Twerski transports the reader back over a century to life in the European shtetl. Weaving themes of courage, irony, wisdom, and struggle, his brilliant stories parallel the Jewish year in holidays, beginning with the weekly Sabbath. Complementing this spiritual feast, Mrs. Judi Dick, a highly regarded editor of numerous Judaica books, contributes her culinary expertise in recreating the traditional Jewish kitchen of yesteryear. More than 150 distinctive recipes, comfortably adapted for the Jewish mother in all of us, bring back the aromatic tastes of the Old Country, including an extensive Sabbath selection, an expanded Passover section, and time-honored and delicious treats for the Jewish holidays. A Taste of Nostalgia features the recipes your Jewish grandmother – and her grandmother – treasured. Now you can make them part of your own Jewish experience!

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