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    Delicious & Doable!

    From Bangkok to Brooklyn, from Miami to Melbourne, Leah and Victoria bring you easy-to-prepare recipes, tips, and behind-the-scenes looks from more of your favorite eateries, cafés, grills, and restaurants!

    The original Secret Restaurant Recipes invited you into the kitchens of the world s finest kosher restaurants, bringing home entertaining and elegant dining to a new level. Now, in Everyday Secret Restaurant Recipes, Leah and Victoria visit more of your favorite cafés, takeout spots, and restaurants to bring you recipes that are easy to prepare for any day and every day.

    In addition to over 100 family-friendly recipes, Leah and Victoria share fascinating vignettes about today s most popular kosher chefs and eateries. You ll enjoy reading as much as you ll enjoy cooking and eating.

    You ll find Stuffed Mushrooms from Brooklyn s popular Café Renaissance, Chicken Pad Thai straight from
    The Kosher Place in Bangkok,
    Bulgar Salad served in Israel s Greg Café, Mahi Mahi from the iconic Va Bene in Manhattan, and show-stopping Churros from Brooklyn s T Fusion over 100 recipes adapted for home use, with accessible ingredients and quick prep time.
    Why order out when you and your family can enjoy fabulous dining at home, with Everyday Secret

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