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  • Artland Gingham Sipper Jar Set with Square Metal Caddy, Clear

    by Artland
    SKU 10421
    • Gingham Sipper Jar set is a set of 4 vintage styled mason jars with classic looking reusable straws, matching lids and a wire caddy for conveniently keeping all of the glass jars together and presented in a beautiful way
    • This nice piece glass milk bottle set has a classic look and feel and is the perfect accent in any kitchen, home or patio
    • Perfect for entertaining, the beverage glasses can be used to hold a variety of beverages including lemonade, milk, water, beer and other cold drinks
    • The water jars and straws are easy to clean after an evening or day of entertaining; simply wash the glasses, lids and the straws
    • The shape and design of these beverage jars will bring you back with their vintage and classic feel

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