Chantal Induction 21 Stainless Steel Saute Pan, 3 Quart Chef's, Ceramic Non Stick

by Chantal
SKU slin73-24cs
  • Chantal's premium Stainless Steel Cookware line features a stunning look combined with exceptional cooking performance
  • Made from a unique Japanese Steel, copper is melted directly into the steel, resulting in cookware that effortlessly conducts heat quickly and evenly; Titanium is also added for strength and durability to endure everyday cooking
  • To ensure healthy cooking, the steel is nickel free preventing allergic reactions to nickel; featuring a wide flat bottom to ensure rapid heat conduction
  • The ceramic coating is a PFOA, PFOS and PTFE Free surface that is eco-friendly and healthy; No toxic fumes are released during heating; Nonstick coating has a 4 year warranty
  • Ergonomic, stay-cool handles allow for comfort and ease of use; the dripless pouring rim reduces spillage along the side of the body
  • This is the best steel for magnetic induction and perfect for all cooktops; stovetop and oven safe to 500°F
  • Higher chromium content for extra resistance to corrosion
  • The 3 quart Chef's Pan is the perfect shape for quick stir-fry or sautes

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