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  • Foxrun Wooden Oven Rack Push/Pull Stick

    by Foxrun
    SKU wood stick
    • 12" LONG, FIT A FULL-SIZE OVEN OR A WALL OVEN - This is a great and handy gadget. It is 12" long, longer than other plastic of the same products,so it fits a full-size oven. For someone with a wall oven, it is perfect for the household because they don't have to put their hands and arms close to the oven rack or in the oven.
    • HUMANIZED DESIGN, GOOD GRIP, SO CUTE AND FUN - Push or pull easily with this humanized design that is so cute and fun. It can be as a small gift to your friends and is dishwasher safe. Not only is it easy to grip, but it hooks on to the oven rack.
    • INSTEAD OF POTHOLDER, HANDY, PRACTICAL, AND USEFUL. DURABLE AND STRONG - It is so handy, practical, and useful. Durable and strong, it is easy to wash. Instead of always having to use a clunky potholder to pull the hot racks out, this oven rack does it for you.
    • EASY TO STORE - The hole on the end is perfect for hanging! You can hang it on a hook beside the oven so it is easily reachable.

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