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  • Global G-45 9 1/2 inch Ceramic Sharpening Rod

    by Global
    SKU G-45

    Despite the name, sharpening steels don't actually sharpen knives--unless they're diamond steels. Instead, they perform the vital task of realigning, or resetting, edges, which bend when contacting a cutting surface or other hard object. Because this tool is made of harder-than-steel ceramic it performs better and quicker than most steels. Using the sharpener often--before each time a knife is employed is ideal--prevents a blade from becoming dull and prolongs intervals between professional sharpenings, or the need of a whetstone or other true sharpening device. Like Global's signature knife handles, the ceramic sharpener's handle is molded for comfort and dimpled for a safe grip. The rule is that a realigning tool should be at least as long as the knife blade being drawn across it, and this sharpener's 9-1/2-inch rod is long enough for most household knives. --Fred Brack

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