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  • Juliska Amalia Light Body White Wine Glass

    by Juliska
    Sold out
    SKU b480a/c

    From the Amalia Collection - The ascending glass detailing mirrors the swirling, crisp Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio it contains. The slender bowl of the Amalia Light Body White Wine Glass directs the flow of wine to the front of the palate to capture the balance of fruit and acidity.

    Measurements: 3.0"W x 9.0"H x 3.0"L

    Made in: Czech Republic

    Made of: Glass

    Volume: 11.0 oz.

    Not suitable for hot contents, freezer or microwave use. Most pieces are residential dishwasher-safe on the top shelf, set to a warm, gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Hand wash large, highly decorated or hand painted pieces.

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