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  • Le Creuset Panini Press - Satin Black

    SKU L2053-2600

    Crafted from durable cast iron, the panini press simultaneously heats the top of grilled sandwiches as they heat along the bottom in the square Skillet Grill. The ribbed, weighted press also features a convenient phenolic knob for safe and secure lifting of the press when cooking is complete.

    Hot sandwiches like panini are enjoyed the world over, though the technique of grilling sandwiches filled with deli meats, cheeses and vegetables originated in Italy. Derived from the word panino in Italian (meaning small bread), panini sandwiches are often finished with a simple garlic rub or served alongside a fresh olive or pasta salad.

    Ribbed surface creates grill marks on the top side of sandwiches
    Le Creuset's durable satin black enamel finish (no seasoning required)
    Even heat distribution and superior heat retention 
    A heat-resistant phenolic knob provides a safe grip when lifting

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