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  • Magic Mill Deluxe Flat Top Slow Cooker

    SKU msc625
    • Specifically Designed for Shabbos Use
    • Reversible Flat Glass Cover, The flat glass cover provides an ideal surface for warming up additional foods for your Shabbos meal and can also be used as a dep glass Shabbos dish.
    • NON-STICK TEFLON COATING: Cook eggs, chicken, rice, meat and so much more! The nonstick Teflon coating on our cooking pot allows you to cook without the fear of sticking or creating a mess which makes cleaning convenient and hassle-free. Plus you can also cook oil-free.
    • Engineered with cool-to-touch handles which prevent scalding and enables convenient carrying from kitchen countertop to the dinner table. The see-through glass lid will let you keep a check on the contents inside and the cover knob allows for easy lifting.
    • Power Indicator Light
    • Knob Cover Will protect and prevents any accidental setting changes on Shabbos.
    • Non-Slip Feet
    • The base can be used as a griddle, with its non-stick surface it's easy to clean.
      • 7 temperature controls allow food to be cooked at any temperature and then set to be kept warm as per your desire.
      • 1 Year Warranty 

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