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  • Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Vase

    SKU 175760

    The Butterfly Ginkgo Collection celebrates the representation of flora as fauna. Michael's fascination with a particular type of ginkgo tree , the Ginkgo Biloba, or "Butterfly Ginkgo", which grows with a double leaf reminiscent of a butterfly's wings, gave rise to a fantasia image of the plant. Executed at the highest level of handcraftsmanship, each piece is rendered in solid brass with hand etched cocoon-shaped vessels. The pieces in the collection are a tour de force of the handcrafted process, capturing the poetic spirit that is so deeply indicative of Michael's work.

    "The first time I saw this tree, it literally looked like it had been completely overtaken by butterflies... as if they would all take flight the moment I walked too close or made a noise. The idea that the leaves could evoke the beauty of butterflies was magical to me, like trees that can metamorphose from flora to fauna in the blink of an eye."


    • 11"L x 9.5"W x 13.5"H
    • 4.25" Dia.
    • Hand Textured Stainless Steel
    • Natural & Oxidized Brass
    • Enamel

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