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  • Scentify Plug-in Diffuser V2

    SKU scent v2 - bliss

    The Scentify Plug-in Diffuser V2 is the perfect way to transform your home into a luxurious 5-star hotel. This compact and stylish diffuser is designed to plug directly into any outlet, making it easy to use and convenient to install. With its powerful yet gentle diffusion technology, it can quickly fill any room.

    The new version of the Scentify Plug-in Diffuser has been upgraded with several new features to enhance your aromatherapy experience.

    • The diffuser can be controlled via buttons on the device, or via Bluetooth with the Scentify App. With Bluetooth connectivity you can easily customize it to work at any strength, and your preferred hours and days.
    • The Smart Mode option ensures it only runs when the room has sufficient lighting.
    • The 24-Hour mode option keeps it smelling great around the clock.
    • This diffuser has been designed with updated technology to reduce the noise level, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite scents without any disturbances.
    • An on/off button makes it very easy to turn the diffuser on or off.
    • The diffuser's enhanced leak protection ensures that it will remain functional, even if it is momentarily tipped over.
    • Excellent coverage, up to 800 square feet of space.
    • The plug features three prongs for added stability and a rotating design that allows it to fit both vertical and horizontal electrical outlets.

    Refill: 4-8 weeks depending on the strength setting.

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