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  • Shun Classic 5 Pc. Starter Block Set

    by Shun
    Sold out
    SKU dms0530
    • 5-piece Starter Block Set includes three essential Shun knives as well as the Classic Combination Honing Steel and beautiful bamboo 6-slot Slimline Block; handle almost any kitchen task
    • 3 knives take care of a full range of cutting jobs, while the Honing Steel allows knives to maintain their edge and prolongs time between sharpenings; easy-care, bamboo block looks beautiful on the counter
    • All three knives and Honing Steel are crafted with a D-shaped ebony PakkaWood handle for secure handling and an easy fit for every hand; bamboo block is durable, ideal for every kitchen
    • Shun Cutlery knives take a mundane task from boring to exciting and make prep work fun again; advanced, high-performance steel, handcrafting, hand-sharpening, and Shun’s strong Japanese heritage make an unbeatable combination
    • Perfect kitchen set for any occasion: holiday, house party, family dinner, vacation, restaurant, happy hour, wedding, date night, lunch, brunch, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more

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