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  • Shun Classic 6-Inch Meat Cleaver

    by Shun
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    SKU dm0767
    • The Shun Classic 6-inch Meat Cleaver features a big, thick blade suitable for processing larger cuts of bone-in meat or breaking down whole poultry
    • Use it to separate spare ribs or cut a chicken down to size; chop beef for stew; use the back of the blade to tenderize meat; chop meat and bones for stock; don’t waste time with the wrong tool for the job, get the one that makes big jobs easy
    • The Shun Classic Meat Cleaver is engineered for heavy-duty tasks; experienced chefs and home cooks alike will love its power and balance
    • Made from AUS8A high-carbon stainless steel, re-sharpens easily when needed; handle is crafted from ebony PakkaWood to resist moisture and provide a comfortable, secure grip
    • Designed to last, Shun cutlery is handcrafted by artisans in Japan; each knife requires over 100 handcrafted steps before it meets the Shun standard of excellence customers trust

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