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  • The Austrian Atelier Havdala Candle, Teardrop or Diamond

    SKU 165805-20

    These all natural candles are made in the US.
    They combine the best of Europe’s visionary artistry and quality workmanship apparent in their shape, textures and saturated jewel tones.

    Our unscented candles are made from palm wax, a renewable plant material. They are low soot, highly drip resistant, and retain their shapes at high temperatures. While paraffin candles soften at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, palm wax candles keep their shape up to 120 degrees. Please do not expose the candles to direct sunlight. When temperatures exceed 130 degrees, the wax on the candle surface may melt and colors may fade.

    Our superior candles have color throughout, and the geometrical candles self-extinguish. All are hand poured and can be personalized.

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