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  • Tovolo Set of 3 Tight Seal Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

    by Tovolo
    Sold out
    SKU 81-1947c
    • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Lightweight stainless steel eases stirring, scraping, folding, beating, and tossing ingredients inside the bowl. The thin sides make it easy to move and hold, yet the steel construction withstands the common wear and tear of cooking and baking. Weight also improves cleaning, as the bowl will be easy to handle in the sink or stack in the dishwasher. Durable metal will not chip or crack, protecting your meals and desserts from bits of glass or plastic in the dish.
    • KEEP FOOD FRESH WITH TIGHT-FITTING LIDS: Once you stir up your cookie dough or toss your salad, pop a lid on the bowl to keep it fresh as it chills or rests. The sturdy lids create a tight seal between the edge of the flexible plastic and the lip of the bowl, keeping the contents as fresh as possible.
    • DEEP BOWL HOLDS MORE: Raised edges also prevent splatters and spills. The tall bowl walls keep your ingredients inside the batter bowl, even when tossing salad or whisking up a cake batter with an electric mixer. You can fill the stainless steel bowl up and still stir in an extra ingredient, fold in egg whites without knocking the air out, and more without making a mess thanks to the tall design. Whip cream, whisk meringue, and more in this metal mixing bowl without worrying about a messy countertop.
    • STAMPED MEASUREMENTS: On each bowl in the set, measurements are stamped into the side so the marks won’t fade or chip. Featuring both imperial and metric measuring marks, these bowls will make it easy to mix up something delicious.
    • DIMENSIONS & CARE: 7" L X 7" W X 4.25" H; dishwasher safe. Do not use in the microwave. Lid is BPA-free.

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