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  • Tramontina Porterhouse Steak Knives, 4 pc.

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    - Tramontina's Porterhouse 5 in Steak Knife easily slices through savory steaks and other cooked meat with steakhouse-quality precision.
    - Full-tang construction stamped from high-carbon, stainless steel
    - Taper-ground blade with serrated edge
    - Polywood handle assembled with three heavy-duty rivets
    - Dishwasher-safe
    - Lifetime warranty
    - Tramontina Gourmet Collection
    - Set includes:
    - 4 Porterhouse Steak Knives

    Create a steakhouse ambience and impress your guests by serving sizzling steaks - fresh from the grill, next to Tramontina's 4 Pc - 5 in Porterhouse Steak Knives. Each knife is specially crafted to precisely and effortlessly slice through the thickest steaks. Our Porterhouse steak knives marry steak house-quality with Tramontina quality for a long life and extra durability. These knives are constructed with a durable, stamped high-carbon stainless steel blade that is fully tapered and beveled, with a serrated edge. A red Polywood handle, assembled with three heavy-duty rivets gives you easy maneuverability for swift, clean cuts every time, and clean-up is easy too!
    Country of Origin: MADE IN BRAZIL

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