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  • Wusthof 2 Piece Chop Set

    by Wusthof
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    The Wüsthof Classic 2 Piece Chop Set consists of a 4.5 Cook s Knife (4582) paired with an attractive bamboo cutting board, making an excellent gift for anyone in need of a few essential accessories around the kitchen.

    The Classic 4.5 Cook s Knife is a small but mighty knife.  It offers a wide, sturdy blade that delivers superior handling and control. Mincing fresh herbs, dicing large carrots, crushing cloves of garlic, even cutting smaller cuts of meat, you ll find it all effortless with all the versatility in this compact package. Wüsthof s cook´s knives have been purposely ground extra thin for optimum cutting performance, so take care and be extra aware that chopping through bones can damage the extra-fine edge.

    This attractive set features a handsome bamboo cutting board that s vital to any kitchen.  A cutting board helps prevent unnecessary dulling of your knife s blade, and protects against nicks to your countertop. As a naturally anti-microbial material, bamboo offers enhanced safety as well as strength and durability. With a high-density and easy sustainability, bamboo is a first-class material as a cutting surface.

    Classic series knives are forged starting from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel using Wüsthof s proprietary Precision Edge Technology (PEtec). Every hand-honed edge is then laser-tested to establish its superior Wüsthof quality, providing sharper blades with appreciably longer edge retention. Wüsthof Classic knives offer the ultimate in balance and safe, controlled handling, with a full bolster for protection while cutting, carving, slicing, paring, mincing and chopping.

    Wüsthof Classic knives are finished with a contoured handle, full tang and triple-riveting for comfort and secure construction. Crafted from a durable, synthetic polymer, the handle proudly displays the distinuguished Wüsthof trident logo.

    The cutlery in the Wüsthof Classic 2 Piece Chop Set is crafted in Solingen, Germany and carry a lifetime guarantee.

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