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  • Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

    by Zeroll
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    SKU 1516
    • ICE CREAM SCOOP QUALITY: Offering great quality Zeroll has been the ice cream scoop of choice in homes and ice cream parlors since 1935 This handy kitchen tool carves out plump round scoops of ice cream
    • UNIQUE ZEROLL DESIGN: The unique heat-conductive liquid in the handle uses the natural warmth of your hand to make for smooth and effortless scooping and easy release
    • KITCHEN ESSENTIAL: The improved aluminum alloy helps resist oxidation and corrosion
    • SCOOPING MADE EASY: The easy-to-use one-piece design has no springs to replace and is designed for right or left-hand use
    • CREATING THE BEST SCOOP: Color-coded green end cap is a portion size of 2 oz/ ounces 32 scoops per gallon Zeroll scoops create a bigger looking portion by eliminating compression which gives you 20 percent more volume of ice cream per gallon.HAND WASH ONLY: Before first use and after each use, hand wash, rinse with water and towel dry. Do Not Place in Dishwasher.

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